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Baby's Red Tie
Lyrics & Melody by Polly Wood  ©1996



My baby's red tie, it hangs in my room.

His shiny black shoes, his coat on my door.

My baby's red tie, it hangs in my room.

His fancy pants, what are they here for?


You see, he said he was headed for the sun

months ago, weeks ago.

Then we started to have so much fun.

He got caught in the snow.


Now its wintertime, and you know what I do.

I said its wintertime, and I do just like you.

I, I, hibernate.

I, I, contemplate.


About the river, my friend, well its frozen cold.

And the fish below growing thin and old.

And the red flame growing in my room, so bright.

Will it keep me warm like a Texas night?

And my silly songs with their simple words

From my crying body will they all be heard?


Like he heard me

He said, '" like you.  

Let it show through.  

Don't be so shy.  

You know that I,

I'm listening.  I'm looking.

And now girl, your're cooking".