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Rituals for Pregnancy & Birth


Belly Casting...


You are the Sacred Feminine!

Preserve your pregnant nature with a plaster cast of your beautiful belly.

I have created artistic casts for over 50 pregnant bellies.  If you are interested in having you pregnant belly cast or purchasing a casting kit, please email me: pollywood@radwoman.com


Blessing-Way Ceremonies...

Blending traditions old and new, I will facilitate a group of your friends and family through personalized rituals of cleansing, honoring, sharing and blessings for pregnancy and childbirth.  This is a great addition to your baby shower!  Contact me for price quote on my Blessing-Way Ceremonies.



 I believe

that supporting, celebrating, and honoring women

during pregnancy and birth

leads us towards a healthier world.

I believe

it is especially crucial in this technological age

to remember that

childbirth is

a woman’s sacred rite of passage

and by creating mother-centered birth experiences,

we restore a world that

mothers us all.