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Doula Services


A Doula mothers the mother...


My Birth Doula Services include:

*2 postpartum support visits

*Continuous support during labor and birth
*Belly Cast or Blessingway Ceremony
*2-3 prenatal visits


 I was trained as a Doula in 1999 at Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto, California through a DONA certified program.  I have since assisted at hospital and home births, created belly casts for more than fifty pregnant women, led birth-art workshops, and instructed mother-baby movement classes.  My passionate commitment to healthy, mother-centered birth has also been expressed artistically, through creations of music, dance, and visual arts which work with the themes of pregnancy and birth.


Choosing a Doula… a professional, non-medical childbirth assistant as nurturer, advocate and guide through labor, birth and early postpartum has proven to decrease requests for and use of interventions such as inductions, epidurals, episiotomies and forceps delivery, as well as decreased chance for Cesarean birth. 


Having a Doula as a part of the birth team has shown to...

*increase the mother's sense of well-being and security

*enhance the birth experience for the birth partner or father

*increase the rate of infant-mother bonding in the first hours after birth



Polly has the magical ability to hold the sacred space during childbirth no matter what is going on around!  Thank you, Polly, for welcoming my two children into a gentle and loving world!  

                                                                                              - Mona Lisa Wallace, Esq. 


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