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Love Guaranteed
Lyrics & Melody by Polly Wood  ©1999



The sun is going down now

And you are going too.

I'm usually quite tired by now

But I am getting through it.


Maybe your real girl, she's out on the road

Talking real hip in her homemade clothes

I know what I need, yes indeed

I need loving, guaranteed.


Maybe what I need is too much to ask

I'm just being true, to myself, to my path

And this is what I'm learning in this cycle 'til I'm freed

I need loving, guaranteed.


Is it impossible to find true love?

I heard you once say that we fit like a glove.

Loving you free, no this ain't greed.

I need loving, guaranteed.


A feeling we all know.

Out of fear we don't go there.

Feeling too attached or too protective.

Put it in a song. 

Sing it all day long.

Its really much more effective.


The sun has gone down now.

Here comes the night breeze.

My doubts they have gone to bed.

My mind it can finally ease.


I know your real girl is standing right here.

Singing a night song in your ear.

I know what I need, yes indeed.

I need loving, guaranteed.