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Radwoman is the name inspired by the Sacred Feminine images of my visual art work.  Radwoman is a modern, version of an all-encompassing, timeless, feminine principal.  She is a non-denominational deity.  She is life-force, death, creativity, and destruction all at once.  She is receptive and active at the same time.  She is my inspiration.       

 It was in a dream that I saw the first image of Radwoman to be drawn… I dreamt that I was running through the city streets.  I looked down near the base of a small tree and saw a wood round, as if a slice had been cut right through without harming it.  On the wood round was a drawing of a woman, with fire underneath and rays of light coming out from behind.  Her face was a spiral and her hair was full of energy, lifting out in all directions.  In my dream I gave this “wood-chip woman” as I called her, to a woman I recognized from my waking hours, but had not yet met.  Eventually met that woman in really life, told her of my dream, and gave her the wood-chip woman.  Fifteen years later she is very dear to me and close to my heart and art.  Radwoman is still coming through and I am in deep appreciation every time I am inspired to draw or paint a new vision of her.