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POLLY WOOD is a drummer, songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist with a purely revealing and enchanting voice. She sings while she drums, letting rhythms guide her intelligent lyrics and buttery, percussive vocals straight into the heart of the listener! Think 'morning songbird meets nighttime rhythms'. Her prolific songwriting ranges from honestly sweet love ballads to softly cutting social commentary to uplifting edu-tainment which she backs with her rhythmic beats on the djembe, tounge drum, cajon and 3-piece drum kit (she's known to write and perform on the piano as well!)  Her sound, which hearkens the call of a different era, has been called 'Appalachian Jazz Percussion' and 'Soulful, Feminine Rhythm & Rhyme'. Polly holds an MFA in Creative Inquiry and an MA in Women's Spirituality and has performed extensively across the continental US.