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The New Mexico Song
Lyrics & Melody by Polly Wood  ©1994



Do you know the first calendars were made by the light of the moon?

The women they bleed, the record their blood.

They dance and they sing a tune like

"I am open wide, fill me come inside, I've got nothing to hide

So why don't you dance through me?"

Raven in the sky you fly so high, I'll share your magic soon.


Met a woman who said she had it all

Her psychic power and energy haul.  I said,

"Me, I'm not just an energy

I've got flesh and dance, now can't you see?"

But she just sucked it away

She just took it for free.  She said,

"Sorry kid, more power to me".


Whatever happened to the good old days where

Blood was flowing in similar ways?

Since I've left I've met to-each-her-own.

I need you my sisters, I'm so alone.