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What You Bring
Lyrics & Melody by Polly Wood  ©2003



You bring the poetry to my lips

You bring the redness to my skin

You bring that something from down inside

out for a wanderin'.


You bring the buckets for my rain

You bring the hinges for my door

You bring me something that I swear I never

been brought before.


I don't know if you feel the same

i don't know if I really care because

for once i don't worry 'bout the future

and I trust what is here.


You bring the gracious to the goodness

You bring the Goddess to 'Oh, my'

You bring the emptiness to my belly

after I sigh.


You bring the ever to the green

You bring the sparkle from the sun

You bring the chance for new beginnings when I

thought I was done.


I'm not afraid that loving you

will make me set myself aside

because I've given you my heart and its come back

three times as wide.