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Women's Gatherings
Goddess-Inspired Women’s Spirituality Circles...


Celebrate the values of the Sacred Feminine! Gather in a group of women for ritual, art, education, inspiration, healing, support and connection!

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Men$trual Currency Workshop:

Valuing the Sacred Feminine & the Economics of Blood

This workshop creatively and intellectually investigates the role of women’s blood rituals in the global economy. 
We will explore the workings of the global economic system including how it measures and what it values using a lens of Metaformic Theory – Judy Grahn's woman-centered, multi-cultural, gender-inclusive origin story. We will inquire into our own internal systems of value – how we value ourselves – and how both these global and internal systems of value are informed by the presence or lack of women’s blood rituals. 
This is a full-day event of education, art, storytelling & ritual
If you are interested in hosting a Men$trual Currency Workshop in your community, school or organization, email me for a price quote and schedule of availability:  pollywood@radwoman.com